Music @ The Old Courthouse

Final EVTN concert of the spring season at The Old Courthouse, Shap

Mark Griffiths
Singer, songwriter, Mark Griffiths opened the evening with some of his own compositions interspersed with his poetry inspired by his own observations of human behaviour – including a humorous recollection of stay in a caravan stay at Seahouses.
Four piece band,  The Clifford Movement, provided an entertaining second half that included a hauntingly beautiful cover version of ‘Lady Marlene’ and many of their own compositions written in different musical genres about colourful characters of the Eden Valley, two being Poet Close and Col. Samuel Lacey.   A recurring theme was that of strong, independent women, including Nanna Bainbridge (June and Gwen’s farming grandmother),  Lady Anne Clifford and suffragist Catherine Marshall.  For an encore the band provided a heartfelt rendition of ‘There’ll be peace in the valley’ and left a most appreciative crowd wanting more.
The Clifford Movement

Music at The Old Courthouse, Shap 15th March 2024

Briar and Bramble
Contemporary folk duo, Briar and Bramble got the evening off to a good start for a near capacity audience.  Mike Turnbull on guitar and Kate Hewson on mandolin provided an entertaining set that included some of their own well crafted compositions – two with Eden Valley references, Appleby Fair and Pendragon Castle, two based on folk lore tales from the Cumbrian west coast Rum Tale and Betsy Jane  and Burnt Horse Ridge, a tribute to the band also performing. In addition they played some cover versions including If I had a boat, recorded by Kate Rusby with the audience enjoying participation in the chorus.   Janet Wood

Good live music at The Old Courthouse, Shap. If you get a chance to see Burnt Horse perform, go! 5 well blended voices, supported by guitar, violin, uke, flute and cello. The set included modern folk, 70s-80s covers, close harmony a capella. Sound level exactly right for the venue. We could hear every word of the lyrics too -not something one can say for every performer – with very little USA ‘twang’ even in American songs like Woodstock.    Sue Millard
Burnt Horse
EVTN 19th January  
An appreciative audience had a great evening with Pete Garnett and John  Chambers.
Pete, a masterful accordion player  from Moniaive, south west Scotland, plays infectious melodies and intricate harmonies that are influenced by the rich tapestry of European and World folk music. He included some of his own compositions inspired  by things as varied as a corkscrew. potholes and a 1950s bus trip, played traditional tunes from Moldova and tunes by bands he admires from Belgium and Denmark.
John Chambers, singer songwriter, entertained us with his own compositions accompanied on the guitar. John writes about human emotions and relationships.  In some cases John, to great effect, read the poem that had inspired him to write the song.
Pete Garnett
John Chambers